Anteo Realtime software solutions for aquaculture industry.

Photo: Linn Røkenes


Anteo is a software company focusing on decision making systems for a sustainable aquaculture industry. Our realtime solutions monitor and alert breach of biosecurity principles. This also leads to risk reducing measurments and possibilities for a closer cooperation in the industry and research community.


Anteo Live Tracking


Anteo Live Tracking tracks fish carriers in our live map. Our system provides full overview of movement, including position, direction and speed, as well as live status for the valves

Live tracking-funksjoner
  • Postion, direction and speed live in a map.
  • Live status on valves
  • Aqua culture resources in same map
  • Fish carrier tracks and biosecurity zones shown in map.
  • Automatical report generator reporting on fish carrier tracks and valves

Anteo Map


Anteo Map combines vessels, aquaculture resources and sensors for decisions making support. Our gathering and combination of data gives an unique opportunity to devolop routines for an improved production.

Statiske funksjoner
  • Live view of vessels in a map.
  • Aqua culture resources positioned in a map.
  • Sensor data from sites and vessels shown graphically in same tool. (3. party solution allows for many different sensors and combinations through API's)
  • Automatical alerts on actions and critical values important for production and biosecurity.
  • Live view of disease status for sites
  • Public PD and ISA critical zones
  • Public data such as lice counts and weather reports from nearby locations

Anteo FishCtrl


Anteos FishCtrl allows you to collect lice and fish wellfare data through an mobile application. Data can be directly used for analytical reviews in our analytical tool without any extra work.

Functions i FishCtrl
  • Quick and intuitiv sea louse counting module.
  • Registration of fish wellfare indicators based on "Fishwell"-standard
  • Integration with BI solutions
  • Automatical storing of data.
  • Time base analytical tool
  • Automatically generated reports

Anteo Boatcheck


Anteos Boatcheck application allows you to register cleaning and desinfection routines digital onboard on vessels

Functions in Boatcheck
  • Quick and intuitive registration of ATP values
  • Easier communication between vessel and inspectors
  • Automatical data storage
  • Approval status for ships
  • Automatically generated reportes

Anteo Logifish


A complete logistical tool for transportaion of living fish, from smolt transportation to harvesting, including delivery report and track for vessel.

Logifish functionality
  • Timecharter control
  • Update vessel information
  • Create assignments directly
  • Routeplanning for vessels
  • Complete delivery and trip report
  • Alert for vessels close by that improves risk of bio security breach.
  • Live overview, statistical data analytics and report generator.

Anteo Assignments


Simple overview of all assignments in your company. Make communication simple. Share and update everyone during assingments. Make sure everyone awaiting information are updated with the progress. Funksjoner i ARP

  • Lists and calender view of your assignments
  • Real time overview of all resources, with capacity, position and availability in your fleet.
  • Overview of sites and other resources within the aqua culture industry along the coastline.
  • Plan your service assignments.
  • Directly report from complete assignments
  • Role management for assignments
  • Time scheduling


Please send us an email for any questions regarding our products or suitability for your company.
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